The Moon And You

Tonight I saw the moon

Full and bright
With a red ring wound
Around it tight

Torment in my throat
I wander the streets
With light all too glaring

The moon staring down

And so I turn my back
Embracing the other
Infinite black

I hear a river flowing
Underneath the city
I hear a night bird singing
One small tree

And I feel that way

Like I’m groping for beauty
In a place that is dark
And the music never stops
You can endure its presence
Only by turning away

But the moon is ripe and full
As if to signify
Some hallowing
As if to consecrate
This air I breathe

So I close my eyes fast
Feel the shadows flick past
One foot in front of the other
Loneliness is such a bother

Driving me
To find
Yet always blind

You make things so beautiful
Yet you steal my heart away
Is there no beauty
Aside from pain?

I close my eyes, my dear
Shutting out the night
To bring you near
Closer to mind

Kissing you with these words

I hope you don’t mind


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