Sister’s Song

Her sweet voice rings clear, 

Peals of grace in my ear: 

The song of exhortation; 

The cross’ liberation.

It cascades like water, 

A brook in the Spring, 

And it feeds the tree roots

And the birds on the wing.

And its melody echoes 

Within her own heart, 

Like a bell holds the tone

Of the time it imparts.

For her song is for others, 

To light and to lift, 

For sisters and brothers:

Their spiritual gift.

For its score, it was written

When yet there were none, 

And her song, it was given

By the Maestro, the One.

And when once you have heard

That joy and that swell

Which He placed within her

To sing and to tell, 

It ever will linger

And minister on; 

The beauty and breadth 

Of my sweet sister’s song.


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