Answered Prayer (My Bible League Testimony)

In 1999, I was living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One night I was doing a show at the local Barnes and Noble. Before I went up to play, I prayed to the Lord, “God, please give me $100 for Bible League International, so I can send people your Word.” It was heavy on my heart to be able to give Bibles to those in need, but living on my own, working a retail job, I couldn’t afford much. 

After my show, a slender woman with a kind face walked up to me. She held a check in her hand. “God told me to write this check for you,” she said. “But before I give it to you, I want to know what it’s for, because I have a sense that it’s for something very specific.” I proceeded to share with her how I had asked the Lord for $100 so I could give to Bible League. She handed me the check and said, “I want you to know that I wrote a check for $100, but the Lord told me to give you $200 instead.” 

My heart soared to see that God had both heard and answered my prayer that day. Not only did he provide so that I could give to others, but He blessed me as well. What a gift that experience was to me. I learned that God hears us when we cry out to Him, and He is close at hand. I learned that God honors prayers that honor Him. And I learned that God also desires to give the gift of His Word to others. What a blessing it was then, and now, to partner with Bible League International, to bring God’s Word to hungry hearts!


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